Local Crime Branch

Handling Subjects:-

  •  Modus Operandi Bureau.
  •  Missing persons.
  •  Parole and Furlough leave of prisoners.
  •  Absconders / Wanted pesrons.
  •  Summons and Warrants.
  •  Theft of Motor Vehicles.
  •  Human Rights Application.
  •  Jail release accused.
  •  PCR
  • Child labour.
  • Tiger Cell.
  • Spl.Executive Magistrate.
  • Detection of undetected Crime.

Aim of M.O.B.:-
1.To detect a crime with particular modus operandi
2. To keep crime under control prevention of crime
3.To scene of crime visit of sensetive and serious offences as:-
1) Murder :- 
A) For Gain .
B) Undetected Murder.
C) Political Murder.

2) Dacoity:- 
A) Dacoity with Arms.
B) Dacoity committed by habitual criminals.
C) Serial Dacoities in specific area.

3) Robbery:- 
A) Robbery with Arms & Ammunitions.
B) Robbery by habitual criminals.
C) Serial robberies in specific area.

4) Burglery :- 
A) HBT above Rs.20,000/-.
B) Temple Theft (Idol and above Rs 5000/-).
C) HBT by habitual criminals.
D) HBT by known Gangs.

CRIME INVESTIGATION OF :- Detection and investigation serious, sensitive and undetected offences under :-

1) Corruption.
2) Suspected Death.
3) Application.
4) Missing persons.
5) Human rights violations.

RAIDS :-To Conduct
1) Prohibition.
2) Narcotic drugs.
3) Wepons and fire arms.
4) Essential Commodities.
5) Gambling.

WATCH:-To keep watch on and to take legal action against
1) History-sheeters.
2) Inter-District and Inter-State criminals
3) Absconder and wanted criminals.
4) Criminal Gangs.
5) On Immoral trafficking of children
and  women.